Cat Breeds 101: Serengeti!

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The Serengeti is a breed of cat that was developed by crossing the Oriental Shorthair and the Bengal. This cat was developed by Karen Sausman in an attempt to create a domestic cat resembling the African Serval without actually incorporating any Serval blood. [1]

Serengetis are spotted cats with long legs. This breed usually comes in a variety of colors and may have yellow, gold, solid black, gray, or silver patterning. They are also noted for their round-tipped ears that are relatively large in comparison to their heads. Their eyes may be found in amber, gold or green. The Serengeti’s coat is usually short and silky. Furthermore, the males are usually noticeably heavier and larger than the female Serengetis. A male weighs between 10 to 15 pounds, while their female counterparts weigh around 8-12 pounds.

In most cases, Serengeti cats are very friendly. They can be slightly reserved or shy when introduced to a new environment, but when they get used to their new owners they can form strong bonds with them. They are known to try and “help” their owners by accompanying them on their endeavors. The breed is playful, lively and talkative.

Known to be highly active and agile cats, Serengetis love to run around the house at full speed. Like the Bengal, they tend to seek elevated places around the house to hangout in, such as shelves. Also, they can live well with other pets, especially when introduced properly. [1] Serengetis are likely to be more than happy to play with toys.

Serengeti cats are also highly adaptable. They can live with individuals and in large families. They are known to be intelligent, companionable, and of course, affectionate.

These cats are recommended to be indoor and outdoor cats. Although they may not prefer to sleep outside, they need plenty of space to run around and expel their energy whenever possible.

Unlike some other breeds of felines, there are no specific health issues associated with the Serengeti. But just like other cats, it is important that Serengetis receive adequate nutrition and a sufficient supply of fresh water. Regular visits to a veterinarian are of course also essential, four times per year for outdoor cats and once per year for indoor pets.

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