Cat Breeds 101: Turkish Angora!

Cat Breeds 101: Turkish Angora!Photo – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

The Turkish Angora is an ancient and naturally-occurring cat breed that was the first long haired cat in Europe. This breed originated in Ankara, Turkey and was brought to France in the late 16th century. This cat became so popular that by the 1900s Europeans were using the word “Angora” to describe all long haired cats. However, the Persian cat eventually became the center of attention and the Turkish Angora almost disappeared. It was not until the 1960s that the Angora was brought to the US. Ten years later this breed received champion status. [1]

The Turkish Angora is best known for its long, silky and shimmery coat. They can be found in over twenty different colors and patterns. In addition to its large and pointed ears, the Turkish Angora is known for its blue, green or amber eyes. [2]

This breed is also known to be athletic and playful. They love interacting with humans but usually choose a particular member of the household to be their closest companion. Over time, they become very protective of that person. Unlike most cats, Turkish Angoras love swimming.

The Turkish Angora breed is also known for its remarkable intelligence. This cat will use its wit to gain the attention of those around them. Angoras love to play and are even willing to be entertained by other household pets.

The Angora can get along well with children as long as they understand that the cat is in charge! You can expect this affectionate feline breed to dwell in unexpected and elevated places. [3]

Despite their extremely active and energetic nature, the Turkish Angoras are still known for their elegance. They are eager to welcome visitors and spend time with those who are kind to them. This cat is curious and is likely to be interested in everything their owner does. In exchange, they also expect their owner to be interested in everything they themselves are doing.


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