Cat Breeds 101: Russian Blue

Cat Breeds 101 - Russian Blue
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Known to be an “aristocratic” feline breed, the Russian Blue is best distinguished by its short blue fur, with silver tips which tend to shimmer and glisten in the light. With a beautiful face, highlighted by a smile, it is no wonder that Russian Blue has been the favorite of Russian Czars and Queen Victoria.

The most distinguishing feature of Russian Blue is perhaps its brilliantly glowing emerald eyes that are such a marvelous sight to behold. The breed also possesses a sheer elegance that comes with impressive intelligence, which makes them wonderful pets at home and enables them to stand out in rings. [1] Also, their dense and silky coat produces a plush feel and does not shed constantly.

Russian blues are known to be engaging companions at home, primarily because of their keen intellect. They are the breed of cats which rarely get into trouble because they often survey the entire situation before into jumping into something.

At first, Russian blues can be aloof or shy, when it fact it is assessing a person to determine if he or she is worthy of companionship. When the cat perceives that a person can be a good companion, it can be very affectionate and an attention-seeker. In addition to being playful, the breed is also known to be very friendly towards children and other pets at home. On the other hand, they can be very reserved towards strangers.

Some fanciers consider this breed as an excellent pet in modern households. The breed can go well on its own while the entire family is out. Russian blues are delighted to curl in their owner’s lap whenever the latter is at home. Known to be sensitive to their owner’s moods, Russian blues are the type that would greet you by the door whenever you get home.

Compared to other feline breeds, Russian blues only require minimal grooming although regular petting is needed to retain their spectacular appearance. The breed can do well with regular nail clipping and occasional combing, provided that they get adequate nutrition daily.

The gestation period of the breed usually lasts for 65 days. Russian blues have an average life span of 15 to 20 years though they can live for 25 years at the maximum. The relatively long life span of this breed is probably a result of their overall good health. Compared to other breeds, Russian blues are less likely to suffer from diseases and may have little to no genetic issues. [3]


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