Cat Breeds 101: Scottish Fold

Cat Breeds 101 - Scottish Fold
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Photo: Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

Also known as Longhair Fold, Highland Fold, Coupari, and Scottish Fold Longhair, the Scottish Fold is a breed of cat that is best recognized for its owl-like appearance. Its pair of ears bends forward and downward towards the front of their heads. [1] While they are widely identified for their folded ears, some Scottish Folds have straight ears. The occurrence of folded ears was triggered by spontaneous dominant gene mutation. [2]

Prior to achieving its official breed name as Scottish Fold in 1966, this breed of cat was previously known as lops or lop-eared. The original breed came from Susie, a white barn cat found in Scotland. Eventually, Susie bore two kittens which also possessed unique folds on their ears, just like their mother. In 1966, one of the kittens, the one adopted by William Ross, was registered with Great Britain’s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). Shortly, Scottish Fold became the official breed of the cat.

Scottish Folds are more expensive than other common breeds of cats. They are considered to be loving companions, thus, they are highly sought by many pet lovers. This breed is also known to be active, intelligent and playful. They go well with children and other pets at home. [3]

Furthermore, they are capable of adapting to any home situations, from noisy environments surrounded by kids, to a quiet home. Nonetheless, Folds are loved for their sweet expression. In addition to their very expressive eyes, Scottish folds have round whisker pads, face, and body shape. They love to accompany humans and show their passion in their own quiet ways. [4]

Unlike other breeds of cats reared at home, Scottish Folds are not talkative. In most cases, they tend to save their voice for certain circumstances such as when they are in pain while combing their hair, or when its time to eat. They may suddenly jump into the lap, and greet their owners sweetly.

Scottish Folds may be adorable to be with, but they also have their special needs which must be addressed regularly. For instance, in order to maintain a healthy look, their hair must be combed at least thrice a week. Also, their folded ears usually build up wax, thus it must be cleaned at least twice in a month. [5] Other needs include cleaning of teeth and eyes, clipping of claws, adequate space for exercise, and a healthy diet comprised of vitamins, protein and minerals. [6]

Today, Scottish Folds are considered as the 17th most popular breed of cat recognized by the CFA.


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