Cat Breeds 101: Siamese

Cat Breeds 101 - Siamese
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The Siamese cat is recognized today as one of world’s most popular feline breeds. No one knows exactly where they originated from, but it is popularly believed that they came from Siam, or present day Thailand. These cats were extremely popular in this region during the 1500’s and were raised in Buddhist temples because many believed they were able to bring good luck. They were thought to warn monks of approaching strangers and to also live with the King of Siam. [1]

Siamese cats are perhaps best known for their striking appearance. Their coats are a light color with the exception of their tail, ears, paws and face. The most common colors of the Siamese are lilac, chocolate, blue and seal. Their fur is short, silky and fine. The Siamese cat also has a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

The Siamese cat is considered to be the most talkative cat. They possess a uniquely loud and deep voice. [2] They can develop a strong and intense bond with their owners and are not afraid to demand their attention. Siamese cats are not happy alone. Their owner must be home the majority of the day for these cats to be satisfied. This cat wants to participate in their owner’s activities. The Siamese is intensely curious and is likely to be found watching TV without you. Avid Siamese observers realized that some are attracted to sitting on their owner’s laps and others on their owner’s shoulder. This is even thought to be a hereditary distinction! [3]

Potential owners should be aware of this cat’s mischievous side, which is known to come out when they are left alone. When the owners are not around, the cat will try to entertain itself by opening cabinets, turning on the faucet, or anything that would frustrate the people responsible for their isolation. So, if you be plan on leaving for extended periods of time, it is recommended to adopt a second cat to keep your Siamese company.

Siamese cats are often intelligent by nature. They are also very social and playful especially in the daytime. They tend to be calm at night because have less of the tapetum lucidum (a layer of tissue in the eye that contributes to a superior night vision) than many other cats.

Research shows that Siamese cats live an average of 10 to 12.5 years.


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