Cat Breeds 101: Minskin

Cat Breeds 101: Minskin
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For people that are looking for a small sized, short coated feline, the Minskin is the perfect cat for them. The Minskin is a breed originally from the United States and these cats have won over the hearts of many people with ease. This is because they are very affectionate, curious and highly intelligent.

The Minskin is a new breed of cat. Their body may have sparse hair covering but their belly is always hairless. These engaging short-statured cats have all the agility of any other cat. In 1998, Paul McSorley begun the development of the Minskin in Boston, Massachusetts. Just as the Siamese has color restricted to the points (or extremities), McSorley envisioned a cat with short legs and fur restricted to the points. To accomplish this goal, he crossed a Munchin with short legs and fur with a Sphynx for the hairless characteristic. He also used the Devon Rex and Burmese in his breeding program. The first cat that met his goal was born in July 2000 and by early 2005 about 50 cats meeting the Minskin standard existed. [1]

The Minkskin is popular for its miniature size and soft-as-cashmere sparsely coated skin, highlighted by short, soft fur “points” on its extremities: face, ears, legs, and tail. The cat can be found in all colors and patterns, including solids, tortoiseshells and tabby patterns. The Minskin’s body is described as semi-cobby, being noticeably stocky and small. The cat has a round head with large eyes. Minskins retain a kitten-like appearance into adulthood. [2]

Minskins are engaging and affectionate. They love people and also enjoy spending time with dogs and other felines. They are intelligent, playful and entertaining. One common characteristic of Minskins is their love for being lap cats but they are also as active as other cats although they can’t jump as high because of their short legs. Minskins should not be allowed outdoors for the several reasons; their coat is sensitive and they tend to be trusting with animals and may not identify dangers or threats. Their uniqueness may also make them a target for theft. [3]

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