Cat Breeds 101: Japanese Bobtail

Cat Breeds 101 - Japanese Bobtail
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Photo: Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

Distinguished by its rabbit-like bob tail, the Japanese Bobtail is a domestic breed of cat that originally earned its popularity in Southeast Asia, especially in Japan. Eventually, the popularity of the breed spread throughout the rest of the world. [1]

It was believed that the breed arrived in Japan at least 1,000 years ago. A decree in 1602 freed cats from households, thus they became street cats in the country. In 1968, a woman named Elizabeth Freret brought the first breed of Japanese bobtail to the Western hemisphere.

The head of a Japanese bobtail usually forms an equilateral triangle shape. Instead of round, the eyes are normally oval in shape. They are usually medium in size with males mostly larger than their female counterparts. They have long, high and slender legs, of which the hindlegs are usually longer than their forelegs. They also have medium to long coats which are normally soft and silky. [1]

Today, Japanese bobtails are considered as among the oldest surviving breeds. According to research, Japanese bobtails are one of the most diverse breeds of felines. They have smaller litters but are relatively large in size compared to other breeds. The kittens also grow at a faster rate compared to others. They have high disease resistance and low mortality rate. [2]

Japanese bobtails are thought to bring good luck to households which adopt them. They are also known to be very people-oriented. They are the type that will offer you their paws for comfort whenever they see you distraught. They are usually playful, happy, endearing, loving, and full of energy.

They make wonderful companions at home. They can live in any type of household for as long as they get love, attention, and the care they need. Also, they are known to be alert, bold, attentive, and curious most of the time. A highly intelligent and active feline breed, Japanese bobtails love communicating with people with their varying meows and chirps. They also go well with children and other dogs at home. [3]

They are the type that will go with you wherever you are inside the house. They will read with you, sit beside you, or watch TV with you. They love to be the center of attention of the whole family. When the door bell rings, they will be more than willing to greet your guests. They also make excellent travelers.



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