Cat Breeds 101: Japanese Bobtail!

Cat Breeds 101: Japanese Bobtail!Photo – Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

Distinguished by its short tail, the Japanese Bobtail is an ancient breed and can be found depicted on ancient Japanese scrolls and paintings. It is believed that their “pom pom” tail is the product of a series of mutations that were able to develop due to the isolation provided by the Japanese island. [1] This cat was first brought to the US in 1968 and the UK did not produce its first litter until 2002! [2]

The Japanese Bobtail has a triangular face. This cat is often medium in size and the male Japanese Bobtails are usually larger than their female counterparts. They have long and slender legs and their hindlegs are usually longer than their forelegs. They also have medium to long-haired coats which are normally soft and silky.

Japanese Bobtails are considered to be one of the oldest cat breeds. Furthermore, research shows that Japanese Bobtails are actually one of the most diverse felines in the world. They have smaller litters but each kitten is relatively larger in size compared to other breeds. These kittens also grow at a faster rate than most cats. The Japanese Bobtail has a high resistance to disease and there have been no reportings of congenital defects apart from their tail. [3]

Japanese Bobtails are thought to bring good luck to the households they enter. They are also known to be very people-oriented and friendly. They are usually playful, happy, endearing, loving, and full of energy.

They also make wonderful companions at home. They can live in any type of household as long as they are loved and given attention. They are also known to be alert, bold, attentive, and curious. This is a highly intelligent and active feline breed, Japanese Bobtails love communicating with people through their varying meows and chirps. They also get along well with children and other dogs at home.

These cats are curious and will follow their owners wherever they go. They will read newspaper with you, sit beside you, and even watch TV with you. They also love to be the center of attention. The Japanese Bobtail is more than happy to greet your guests and will make a perfect travel companion.

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