Cat Breeds 101: Sphynx!

Cat Breeds 101: SphynxPhoto – via Wikimedia Commons – lic. under GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Sphynx is probably one of the most intriguing and strange cats you will ever see. Instead of being covered in fur, this cat is completely hairless. It is for this reason that the Sphynx is always warm to touch. Their skin may have various markings such as tortie, tabby, van, point and solid. And, only some of these cats have eyebrows or whiskers!

The origin of hairless felines can be traced back to the time of the Aztecs, but it was only in 1966 when the Sphynx was officially recognized. [1] The first modern day Sphynx was born in Ontario, Canada by accident. These cats were known to most as the Canadian Hairless, while others began to call them the Sphynx. [2]

Despite their unusual physical appearance, the Sphynx is known for being extroverted. They often possess a high level of energy. In addition to their impressive intelligence, inquisitiveness and curiosity, the Sphynx is known for their heartwarming affection toward their owners. In fact, due to their love, loyalty and devotion to their families, this breed is also referred to as the “Love Mooch.”

This breed is known to be lovable and mischievous. In fact, as they try to become the center of attention, they can be clumsy. They always want to be with their owners, and try to show off for them most of time. Although they enjoy the company of dogs and other pets at home, the Sphynx will always prefer its owners. These cats are easy to handle, even by strangers.

Although they do not have hair, these cats do require bathing. The Sphynx produces natural oils that will cling to your furniture if they are not regularly washed. It is also important to note that as kittens these cats are susceptible to respiratory infections. [4]

Curious to see what the Sphynx in action? Watch this video by sphynxbg:


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