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The Arabian Mau is a domestic cat breed originating from the desert cat – a short-haired landrace native to the desert of the Arabian Peninsula. The breed is recognized as a formal breed by a few fancier and breeder organizations and cat registries. [1]

The Arabian Mau is said to be a descendant of the African wild cat which has been dwelling in the desert regions of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain for over 1,000 years. Living in the arid regions, these wild cats came closer to human populations primarily seeking food and shelter as the deserts started getting urbanized. When officials from the World Cat Federation paid a visit to Dubai during the 21st century, they caught sight of these unique cats. Petra Muller, director of the Middle East Cat Society, was the person who organized a selective breeding program for the cats. Muller’s efforts paid off as the desert cats gained provisional recognition by the World Cat Federation in 2008. [2]

One of the distinct features of this breed is its ears which are large and pointed in order to help release excess heat from the body. An Arabian Mau’s body is typically medium-sized and sleek making it an agile hunter. The tail is also medium length and somewhat tapers towards the tip. These cats come in a wide array of colors and patterns but they typically exhibit some combination of white, black, brown and gray. [3]

Generally, Arabian Mau cats have very loving temperaments. They are known to be extremely devoted and affectionate to their owners. These cats will be a reliable companion to an individual who loves and cares for them. They get along very well with children and other animals. Arabian Mau cats were adapted to a desert lifestyle and had to hunt for food; this is possibly the reason why they are not picky eaters. [1]

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