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The Chantilly cat (aka. Tiffany) is claimed to be almost entirely similar to the Burmese but has long hair. [1]

This cat was first recognized in 1969 and was officially named the Tiffany. However, the breed’s name was eventually changed to “Chantilly” in order to avoid confusion with the Burmese and Chinchilla Persian mix, the Tiffanie.

The Chantilly is a medium-sized feline that is distinguished for its gold eyes that intensify as the cat ages. This cat can be found in different colors such as chocolate, lilac, champagne, silver, fawn, black, blue, and platinum. The fur of this cat is soft, silky, semi-long and they may have little to no undercoat. [2] This cat takes two years to fully mature and radiate its full beauty. [3]

Known for its sweet temperament, the Chantilly loves to talk. This breed loves spend its time with people rather than being on its own. They also enjoy playing with people so they must have adequate space at home for interactive exercises.

The Tiffany is a wonderful travel companion because of their tendency to sleep for hours on the laps of their owners. At home, they love to follow their family members wherever they go, but these cats are less abrasive than most. [4] They usually choose one or two members of the family to favor and shower with their love. The Chantilly is great pet for a family because of their ability to get along with children. On the other hand, they can be reserved toward strangers but are rarely fearful or skittish.

This breed is also known for its intense devotion, gentleness, and loyalty to their owners. They are happiest when they are receiving the most attention. Owners of a Chantilly should be home often because they may become depressed when left alone for long periods of time.

This is a healthy breed of cat. They are less susceptible to disease than most cats, but note that their ears need to be cleaned regularly.

Want to learn more about the Chantilly? Check out this video:


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