Cat Breeds 101: Chantilly

Cat Breeds 101 - Chantilly
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Once known as the Tiffany, the Chantilly is a breed of cat that is known to enjoy the company of people. So if you are in search for a suitable feline breed to raise at home, the Chantilly would make a wonderful choice.

The first breed of this cat was recognized in 1969 where it was initially named as Tiffany. Eventually, the breed’s name was changed to Chantilly to avoid the confusion with a breed from Burmese and Chinchilla Persian cross which was named “Tiffanie”. [1]

The Chantilly is a medium-sized feline that is distinguished for its oval-shaped gold eyes that tend to intensify as the cat continues to age. Normally, a Chantilly comes in different colors which may include chocolate, lilac, champagne, silver, fawn, black, blue, and platinum. The fur of this cat is semi-long and may have little to no undercoat. Meanwhile, its coat is often soft and silky. [2]

Known for its sweet temperament, the Chantilly loves to talk all the time as if it is in a conversation. The breed also loves to mingle with people instead of being alone. They love to play with people so they must have adequate space at home for playing and interactive exercise.

The Chantilly also makes a wonderful travel companion as they can lay still for long hours on the lap of their owners. At home, they love to follow their owners wherever the latter go, but in a non-harassing manner – unlike certain other breeds. Often, they choose one or two members of the household whom they will shower with their love and attention most of the time. Chantillies can also be good choice of pets for families with children because they go along well with kids. On the other hand, they can be reserved towards strangers but not fearful or skittish. [2]

This breed is also known for its intense devotion, gentleness, and loyalty to their owners. They tend to perform best especially when they get ample amount of attention. However, for people who cannot be around most of the time, adopting a chantilly is not highly recommended because this pet can become melancholy when left for long periods of time.

Compared to others, this breed of feline is healthy. They are less susceptible to feline diseases. However, their ears tend to wax easily so cleaning (done correctly) must be performed regularly. [3]

A Chantilly can live for seven to twelve years.

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