Cat Breeds 101: Cornish Rex

Cat Breeds 101 - Cornish Rex
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Photo: Wikipedia – lic. under CC 2.0

The Cornish Rex is a breed of smart and social cats that are probably best recognized for their whippet-like arched bodies. More than its aloof, cool, and dignified bearing, this breed is considered to be an epitome of elegance and sophistication.

The origin of the Cornish Rex cats can be traced back to Cornwall, England, in 1950: Mrs. Ennismore owned a tortoiseshell cat which she named Serena. Serena gave birth to a litter. One of the kittens has red and black colors with a curly coat. This cat was named Kallibunker and eventually became the foundation of the Cornish Rex breed.

The mating of Kallibunker with Serena resulted in the birth of a straight coated female, and two curly-coated males. One of the males died after about seven months while the other one was named Poldhu. Eventually, Poldhu impregnated his daughter Lamorne Cove. Their litters became the ancestors of the Cornish Rex breed in North America. The breed started to grow, however, was was still considered as endangered until the 1960’s.

The breed actually comes in a variety of coat patterns and colors. Some cats of this breed have color-point, tabby, solid, and bi-color patterns. Meanwhile, some popular colors of this breed include orange, black, white, and chocolate. They may also appear in dilutes of lilac, cream, and blue. [1]

Its egg-shaped head is probably one of the notable features of the Cornish Rex breed. Also, they have medium-sized oval eyes which normally come in the same color of their coat. These cats also have long fine legs, but small oval-shaped feet. They have slender bodies with males slightly larger than their female counterparts. Meanwhile, they have fine boning, and strong musculature. [2]

The Cornish Rex breed normally has a short and fine textured coat, which normally leads people to believe that they don’t shed. In reality, all haired cats will shed a certain amount, regardless of the coat’s volume. However, the Cornish Rex sheds in minimal quantity when compared to other breeds of cats.

Cats of this breed look fragile, but in reality, they are actually sturdy. They possess a very enthusiastic personality which has enchanted many fanciers in the recent years. These cats are very sociable and friendly. They are very unlikely to be reserved towards strangers. In fact, they love being the center of everyone’s attention.

They are also known to be lively and energetic cats that are capable of entertaining themselves. They love to play most of the time. However, there are times that they may become very demanding of their owner’s attention – and they don’t like it when they are left for a long period of time.

In general, they are considered as lap cats. They may land on a visitor’s lap as well as that of their owner. Also, they make wonderful companions at home because they get along well with children and other pets. The Cornish Rex are also considered as very affectionate cats. These people-oriented cats often remain “kittenish” throughout their lives. [3]


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