Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba

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You won’t stop laughing after seeing this video, which is about a cute duck chasing a cat who is wearing a shark costume. In the video, the duck appears to be acting as a police officer ensuring the safety of the cat as he goes around the floor on a Roomba robot vacuum. But wait! There’s a dog too who is also wearing a cute costume.

Is it okay to dress up your cats in costumes? Yes! But it all depends on the personality of your cats. Fewer cats are seen dressed up for occasions such as Halloween or “pet day” events. Some cats find it upsetting when forced to wear costumes. Here some tips before you consider buying a costume for your cat.

First, do not force your cat to put on a costume if he feels uneasy with it. Imagine yourself being coerced to wear a piece of clothing that you loathe and being in a crowd of people wearing a dress that looks like a tacky costume from an old Broadway show? The ick factor is just unimaginable!

Second, your cat deserves a good fit. There is a possibility that your cat might get hurt if he wears a garment that can be uncomfortable. Cats are admired by pet lovers for the beauty of their coats. Covering their fur is a distraction to their feline beauty.

Third, your cat loves to move about. A costume can limit their ability to sense the world around him. Cats’ tendency to freak is triggered by the discomfort caused by the costume which could prevent them from hearing and seeing clearly.

So what is the best type of costume that is the right choice for your cat? Costumes that are looser is ideal for cats. Clothes that are constricting is a big NO! If your cat really hates wearing a costume, why not settle for a cute bow tie?

It is important to keep an eye on your cat when he is in costume which can pose danger. Do not leave your cat alone to ensure that he is safe. Costumes must be removed immediately so your cat can enjoy his kitty life again.

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Making Playtime 33 More Fun Too Cute

The video is about three miniature tigers… I mean kittens who are enjoying each other’s company as their mother Jasmine watches over them. One is Saffron who loves climbing up high places. Then there are Pepper and Basil who are wrestling each other. They are of Singapura breed.

Singapura cats are described as small balls of energy due to their extrovert, curious, and playlful nature. These playful cats are considered as pesky people cat, so they are suited to many types of homes. They are pesky people pleasers and are impish and intelligent.

They are known for their leaping skills as displayed by Saffron in the video. These felines are ideal for homes because they can easily get along with other cats, dogs, and children.
Singapura cats’ reputation of being pest can be attributed to their love for seeking attention from their family. They can be friends with new people but some exhibit cautiousness when introduced.

Their playfulness remains well past kittenhood so expect more house items loitering around the house even if the cats are entering adulthood. They will go for small things such as pens or bigger ones such as keyboards. Anything on the kitchen counter is often a target of their liking.

It is important to watch the diet of Singapuras. One of the most common health problems they encounter is obesity. It is your role to maintain their weight as a way to protect to their overall health.

Protecting their health also means regular baths, weekly combing, regular nail trimming and ear cleaning. Nail trimming should be started early in their kitten-years due to the sensitivity of their feet to being touched.

Singapuras are very sensitive to the moods of people around them. Pet owners with nice temperaments can make them feel better. If you think you are that kind of pet owner, living with cats such as Singapuras will have no hassles.

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Scared Siamese Kitten…SUPER CUTE

Izzy is a gorgeous Lynx Point Siamese cat who is fond of playing. When she meets a fake kitten, Izzy wondered what she looked like as a toy animal. Scared witless, Izzy runs towards her owner for support. After receiving a fatherly rub, Izzy gets her confidence back.

In the video, Izzy is unsure whether she should be afraid of the toy kitten or try to play with it. Kittens are naturally curious and love to explore new things. The fake kitten is something new for Izzy so she goes to her owner’s lap to get an assurance that the toy will not hurt her.

The fake kitten appears to have moved by itself, scaring the hell out of poor Izzy! But her owner is there, telling Izzy to chill down. The way the owner talks to Izzy shows how lucky the kitten is to be in a home that cares for animals.

Lynx Point Siamese cats are extremely playful. They are also intelligent and loyal to their owners. They are often compared to dogs due to their fun-loving personality and inquisitiveness.

Izzy is obviously attached to her owner. The bonding between Izzy and her “Dad” is reflective of the kitten’s loving household. Their love for human interaction makes them very trainable.

Izzy makes a tiny squeak in the video as if the is saying “I’m not afraid of you!” to the stuffed animal. Whenever she poses sideways, she is probably telling the toy cat that she is bigger. Too cute eh?

There is a misconception that men hate cats. That is totally untrue! Owning a cat is not a girly thing. Having a pet cat is about caring for animals that need a home where they can develop lasting relationships with humans and safe place to enjoy their animal life.

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