Cat Breeds 101: American Curl

Cat Breeds 101 - American Curl
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Photo: Wikipedia – lic. under CC 2.0

The American Curl is a breed of feline that is probably best distinguished by its gracefully arched ears, which often bring a smile to whoever who takes a glance at them. The breed is best recognized for its admirable elegance, sophistication, and dynamic presence.

The ancestor of the American Curl breed can be traced back to a stray black cat which was found by Grace and Joe Ruga in California USA in 1981. Eventually, the cat produced its first litter of kittens. Two out of four kittens inherited their mother’s unique ears. [1]

In 1986, the breed was registered by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). Five years later, the breed earned its provisional status. In 1993, the American Curl breed advanced to the CFA’s championship class which made them as the first breed with both short and long coats to be admitted to the class. Meanwhile, The International Cat Association (TICA) granted the breed’s championship status only in 1986.

According to research, all cats of this breed are actually born with a straight pair of ears. Three to five days after, their ears begin to curl. About 16 weeks later after birth, the full shape of their ears will be achieved. Compared to other cat breeds, the cartilage of the American Curlis ears are firmer. In fact, the firmness of the cartilage is somewhat similar to that of humans. Nevertheless, these ears are known to be helpful in determining the cat’s feelings. When the ears are perked up, the cats are very likely to be curious. When annoyed, the ears tend to twitch back.

American Curl are medium-sized cats with “rectangular” bodies. Meanwhile, their eyes come in almond shape. As mentioned earlier, American Curls may have either short or long coats. They may also appear in a variety of colors and patterns. The male cats of this breed usually weigh between 7 and 10 pounds, while females weigh between 5 and 8 pounds.

Known to be very people oriented cats, American Curls are the type that love being involved in whatever their owners are doing. The moment they open their eyes in the morning, all they would see is the charming and enchanting appearance of these cats. They might bring their owners to wakefulness by licking the latter’s hair, kissing their nose, and patting their eyelids. They also try to be near their owner, especially when the latter is eating, watching TV, or reading the newspaper. [2]

In general, American Curls are considered as very affectionate cats. They are the type that easily adjusts to everyone at home, even with pets and children. Compared to other cats, American Curls are not actually overly talkative. However, they tend to produce cooing sounds whenever there is something that they want to express to their owners. Also, these cats tend to remain kittenish until adulthood.

This breed does not require extensive grooming regularly. They have minimal undercoat, thus, they shed very little. On the other hand, the breed is generally considered as healthy however, regular cleaning is often required to prevent the onset of infections.