Cat Breeds 101: American Shorthair!

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In the past, American Shorthair cats were widely known for their hunting abilities. Today, on the other hand, this cat is popular for its reputation as a wonderful household companion.

The ancestors of American Shorthairs were believed to have originated from short-haired cats aboard European ships sailing to Northern America. These cats aided early explorers and settlers by catching mice and rats. It is believed the Siamese cat, brought to the US in the late 1800s, mated with these native short-haired cats to produce the American Shorthair.

Given its large and muscular build, it is quite easy to conclude that this breed is athletic by nature. This cat can be found in one of more than 80 color and pattern combinations. Some American Shorthairs are actually one solid color. However, the silver tabby is the most common American Shorthair. [2]

The American Shorthair is claimed to be able to adapt to almost any household. They can be happy living with one individual as well as a single family household. They are quite independent animals and rarely depend on their owners for entertainment.

These cats are widely understood to be gentle companions as well as good playmates for children. If children treat the American Shorthair with respect, this cat will spend plenty of time with them. In addition to being good-natured, this breed of cat is rarely shy.

American Shorthairs usually remain playful even at an old age. They love people but rarely seem as though they need them.

These cats do not mature until they are about three or four years of age and they are expected to live approximately fifteen years. [2] However, they may require regular veterinary checkups and vaccinations in order to stay healthy and fit. This pet will also need regular grooming, but is relatively low-maintenance.

[1] Joanne Mattern, American Shorthair Cats (Capstone, 2011).

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