Cat Breeds 101: American Shorthair

Cat Breeds 101 - American Shorthair
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Photo: Wikipedia – lic. under CC 2.0

American Shorthair cats are regarded as one of the most highly adaptable breeds of felines in any type of households today. This cat can do well in households with people living alone, or those with elderlies. This medium-sized breed may also be suitable for apartments. They are not very demanding of their owner’s time and attention since they can actually keep themselves entertained.

American shorthairs were widely known in old times for their hunting ability, but today, the breed is highly regarded as a wonderful companion at home. American shorthairs are still often considered as a working breed. In 2012, American shorthairs were considered by the Cat Fancier’s Association as the United States’ 7th most popular breed. [1]

The ancestors of American shorthairs were believed to have originated from Europe. Eventually, the breed’s descendants were brought to Europe and were bred to protect the cargo of early settlers from rats and mice.

The breed is generally athletic given its large and muscular build. In addition to its solid build, the breed has well-developed hindquarters, chest, and shoulders. Also, American shorthairs have keen intellect. [2] The breed commonly appears in lustrous silver coat colors though they may also come in cream, silver, white and black.

Often considered as a full member of the family, American shorthairs are widely known to be gentle companions at home, and good playmates to children. They simply love all the attention they get from children most especially when kids treat them with respect and politeness. In addition to being good-natured, the breed is known to be outgoing and calm.

American shorthairs usually remain playful even in old age. They are the type that love to stand by the windowsill and watch birds from afar. Though they love to be with people, the breed still opts to retain its independence.

At an average, American shorthairs can live for 15 years or even more. However, they may require regular veterinary checkups and vaccinations in order to stay healthy and fit. Though the breed is known to be generally healthy, owners must brush their pet’s teeth regularly to prevent the development of periodontal diseases.

The pet also needs regular grooming. Its coat and fur need to be brushed for a couple of times in a week in order to remove dead hairs as well as to distribute its skin oils. Meanwhile, its coat sheds in varying amount depending on the climate as well as the time of the year. [3]