Cat Breeds 101: Bombay

Cat Breeds 101 - Bombay
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The Bombay is a hybrid cat that often resembles the look of a miniature black panther. The breed is actually the product of crossing domestic cats. In 1953, Nikki Horner started an experimental breeding program which aimed to produce cats with the look of black panthers. She crossed an American Shorthair with a sable female Burmese. Through time, she has consistently produced black cats from her experiments. It was in 1976 when the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) granted the breed’s championship status. [1]

In general, the Bombay and the Burmese standards are somewhat similar, except for their coat colors. Aside from its midnight black coat, the Bombay is also known for its sleek and muscular body, with a large pair of penny eyes which may appear in copper to rich gold in color.

This medium-sized breed of cat has a robust bone structure which supports its powerful body. They usually appear heavier than their size. They weigh between 6 and 9 pounds, with males larger than their female counterparts. Bombays are normally friendly, outgoing, and congenial cats. They adapt well to busy households. Also, they get along well with children, other pets and the elderly. These cats are the type that greet you by the door. Also, they will greet every visitor with the same level of enthusiasm.

Also, these cats are considered as ‘heat-seekers’. Meaning, they like to find a warm spot to hang out whenever they can. They love curling up in their owner’s lap. Sometimes, they will snuggle up against their owner under the covers. [2] In general, they will Bombay Cat Video always try to be near you, or get involved in whatever you are doing.

Also, Bombays crave for their owner’s attention most of the time. In fact, they don’t like it whenever they are left alone for a long period of time. Contrary to being independent, this feline breed is known to be very attached to its family members. Although they love being with their family, Bombays are the type that will choose a particular member of the household to whom they will shower their love and attention.

Bombay cats have inherited the easygoing nature of American Shorthairs. Meanwhile, their loving personality and inquisitive nature are believed to have originated from their Burmese ancestors. In general, they are considered as playful, attention-seeking, and intelligent cats. Because of their admirable intelligence and sensitivity, this breed is highly recommended for first time cat owners.

Known for their distinct purrs and voices, Bombays can also be very talkative. They prefer living indoors instead of becoming outside cats. They are also known to possess some “dog-like” characteristics. For instance, they’re fond of playing fetch! Compared to other breeds of cats, Bombays do not require intense maintenance. They have short coats which rarely shed, thus, maintenance is not really a serious requirement. [3]

According to research, the Bombay breed lives on average for 11 to 15 years. Given the advances in veterinary medicine, some Bombay cats are actually able to live for as long as 20 years.



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