Cat Breeds 101: Brazilian Shorthair

Cat Breeds 101: Brazilian Shorthair
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The Brazilian Shorthair also known as the Pelo Curto Brasileiro is the first feline breed from Brazil to receive international recognition. They are actually the common street cats from Brazil much like the American Shorthair. This breed dates back to about 1500 when Portuguese sailors brought British Shorthairs on their ships in order to keep the rodent population on the boats under control. Those cats became the founding lineage of the modern Brazilian Shorthair cats. [1]

Paulo Samuel Ruschi is credited with creating the breed. The cats had developed without rules for centuries until in the 1980’s when Ruschi, a cat breeder living in New York City, started to set rules and standards for the breed because he noticed that the street cats from several cities of Brazil shared common characteristics. After several years of experimental breeding, the first Brazilian Shorthairs were born. In 1998, the World Cat Federation recognized the Brazilian Shorthair as an official breed. [2]

A Brazilian Shorthair has a muscular and agile body, large and pointed ears and a very short, silky and glossy one-layered coat. The tail slightly tapers at the tip and their eyes are almond-shaped that usually complement the fur’s color. It is said that people who are allergic to cats note that they suffer less when in contact with this breed. [3]

Brazilian Shorthairs can easily adapt to new environments, like to explore new places and meet new people. These cats enjoy socializing so giving it plenty of attention is one way to keep them happy. They are great with children and also get along really well with other pets. These cats are really affectionate and will gladly snuggle up with their owners in bed or on the couch. They can also exhibit high levels of energy so devoting an interactive play session with them is a must. [1]

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