Cat Breeds 101: Burmese

Cat Breeds 101 - Burmese
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As its name implies, the Burmese is a breed of domesticated cat that originated from Burma (Myanmar). The breed is believed to be the descendant of a female cat named Wong Mau which was sent to America from Burma. The cat was later crossed to an American Siamese. Eventually, Burmese played a vital role in the development of other breeds such as the Burmilla and the Bombay.

In 1955, the first blue Burmese was born in Britain. In the following years, other colors of the breed emerged such as red, cream, tortoiseshell, platinum, lilac, platinum, and chocolate. [1]

Burmese cats usually have large and expressive eyes that seem to radiate innocence. This gives them an irresistible appeal which has won many hearts, even those of the non-fanciers of cats.

The Burmese breed is generally considered as people-oriented. They are the type that remain kittenish and playful until adulthood. Some fanciers claimed that the breed possesses a number of dog-like characteristics such as forming a deep and strong bond with their owners.

Given their Siamese ancestry, it is not a surprise to know that the Burmese breed is very vocal. They will chirp and chatter away, for example while watching birds outside, as seen in the video below. They have sweet and soft voices. Meanwhile, from playful and fearless kittens, the breed may develop into confident and intelligent cats which soon charm everyone in the house.

It is also worth noting that this highly intelligent breed of cat often craves human companionship. In fact, they are not the type that do well when left alone for a period of time. Nonetheless, they are positively regarded at home for their immense interest in getting involved in whatever their owner is doing. [2]

The Burmese breed is also known to be generally good with children. They may also develop a liking towards dogs. These affectionate cats are the type that would follow their owners wherever they are inside the house. They love snuggling on their owner’s lap most of the time. They will also love sleeping in your bedroom if you will allow them.

Female Burmese cats feel like they exist to run and manage the entire household. In fact, they can really be active at performing their “duties”. Meanwhile, their male counterparts would prefer lazing around the house or on their owner’s lap. [3]

Some fanciers of this breed also claimed that owning a Burmese cat can be addictive at some point. Meaning, after losing one, it is not very unusual for fanciers to look for another cat of the same breed.

Burmese cats can live for 10 to 16 years.


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