Cat Breeds 101: Burmilla

Cat Breeds 101 - Burmilla
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The Burmilla is a medium-sized breed of cat that is known to possess a muscular yet elegant body. One of its distinguishing features is its sparkling silver coat, which is typically short and dense. It has a distinct “makeup” which lines its eyes, lips, and nose.

Originating from United Kingdom, the Burmilla is a breed of domestic cat that was first produced in 1981. Its ancestors can be traced back to a Burmese named Faberge, and a Chinchilla Persian breed named Sanquist. The accidental mating of these breeds resulted to the birth of four lovely kittens which were later recognized as the Burmilla. It was only in 1990’s when the breed earned its championship status. [1]

The coat of the breed may come in a variety of colors which include chocolate, lilac, bue, brown and black. They may also appear in tortoiseshell, red, and cream colors though they are yet to be recognized by Australia’s CCCA. Meanwhile, their eyes may appear in any shade of green. At their early age, the color of their eyes may appear yellowish to greenish gold. As they mature, their eye color eventually changes to green.

Burmillas are the type of cats that may show kitten-like behaviors until their adulthood. Most of them are independent types. Nonetheless, many accounts claim that this breed is affectionate, playful, and sociable in nature. They can get along with children and other pets at home.

The Burmillas are known for their exceptional personality. The breed is noted to be quiet, gentle, sweet-natured, and fun-loving. Some fanciers cannot resist this breed because of their inquisitive nature and charming personality. [2]

This breed is said to have inherited the best qualities of its ancestors. Just like the Burmese breed, they are also playful but not overly active. However, they are not as demanding or noisy as the Burmese. On the other hand, they have inherited the quiet and laidback nature of the Chinchilla Persians. However, they are more inquisitve and adventurous than the Chinchilla.

Since they are also affectionate, it is not a surprise to know that this breed love getting attention from their owners regularly. In fact, they love being a part of their owner’s family most of the time.

Given their medium level of energy and laidback nature, this breed is just perfect for families, singles, and even elderlies. When it comes to their grooming regime, a weekly grooming will do provided that they are brushed regularly. [3]


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