Cat Breeds 101: Devon Rex

Cat Breeds 101 - Devon Rex
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Originating from the United Kingdom, the Devon Rex is a breed of domesticated cat that is often linked with the Cornish Rex. The Devon Rex is a short-haired breed of cat that is famous for its impressive intelligence, which enables it to learn difficult tricks easily. In addition to their slender bodies, these cats are noted for their large pair of ears and wavy coat.

Devon Rex cats have been around for several decades now, but it was only in 1960 when they began settling onto the laps of humans. The father of the breed is believed to be a feral and curly-coated cat in Devonshire, England. His mating with a female calico with straight coat resulted in the birth of several kittens including Kirlee, a male cat with short and curly coat just like his father.

Eventually, Kirlee mated with a straight-haired Cornish Rex, which resulted in the birth of straight-coated kittens only. This led researchers to conclude that Devon Rex is a new breed which is not related to the Cornish Rex. [1]

The Devon Rex breed is known for its unique appearance. They have a large pair of eyes, prominent cheekbones, huge ears, a short muzzle, and curly whiskers. They may appear fragile, but the breed is actually sturdy and muscular.

Because of their coat appearance, Devon Rex is often regarded as one of the most hypo-allergenic breeds of felines – when in fact, they are not. Also, they have shorter whiskers compared to other breeds. Sometimes, their whiskers tend to curl up, in such a way that it looks like they don’t have whiskers at all.

The breed is also noted for its light build, but Devon Rex cats have long and sturdy legs, which they usually find beneficial for leaping. They are known to be high jumpers. Also, the breed has unusually large toes. [2]

Devon Rex cats are generally considered as people-oriented. More often than not, they are active, mischievous, and playful. They are the type that loves playing all throughout their lives.

The Devon Rex is an affectionate breed. They have a habit of staying close to one person by clinging onto their neck and head. They also mount themselves upon one’s shoulder. Also, they usually choose one person in the household to whom they will devote their love. As a faithful companion, it is not very uncommon for this breed to follow their owners wherever they go inside the house, and grab every opportunity to leap onto their lap or arms.


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