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The Egyptian Mau is a cat breed that is loved not only for its exotic appearance because of its amazing personality. These enchanting cats are known to be wonderful companions at home.

It is widely believed that the breed’s ancestors have originated from Egypt as supported by the appearance of these cats in the artworks of many ancient Egyptians. A recent study confirmed that the breed actually came from Egypt. It was only in 1956 when the breed first landed in the United States. It happened when a Russian princess imported three Egyptian Maus from Italy. In 1979, the breed was finally recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA).

The Egyptian Mau breed is probably best recognized for its striking coat pattern. Today, they are considered as the only breed of domestic cats with naturally spotted coats. However, they appear in limited colors only which include black, smoke, bronze, and silver. [1]

Meanwhile, these cats usually have large, rounded, and almond-shaped eyes. Their eyes normally appear in green color which are only achieved after 1 to 1/2 years. However, when the cat gets excited, their eyes may appear black, then green again. They may possess that primitive look, but this breathtaking creature is just an epitome of agility, substance, strength, and grace.

Compared to other breeds, the gestation period of the Egyptian Mau is actually longer. It takes 63 to 67 days before the kittens actually come. There are cases when they deliver only after 70 days. Nonetheless, these cats are able to give birth without so much difficulty.

In many cases, the Egyptian Mau is often thought to be an aloof and shy breed of cat. In reality, they are the type of cats that usually develops an extraordinary bond or affinity with humans.

The breed is also noted for its exceptional intelligence, as well as its admirable loyalty to its owners. When they are in their territory, these cats can be very curious and inquisitive. Also, Egyptian Maus are known to possess impressive hearing, seeing, and smelling ability. They are noted to be extra sensitive that they easily get upset whenever exposed to loud and unpleasant noises. [2]

Just like other breeds of cats, Egyptian Maus are known to be friendly with everyone at home. They are the type that chooses a special person at home whom they would shower with their love and attention. However, they can be very cautious towards new faces and strangers. Furthermore, Egyptian Maus are the type that often craves for the attention and touch of the person whom they find very special.

When these cats are happy, they have the habit of wiggling their tail. They are further known for their sweet musical voice. Also, they begin to chortle or chirp, whenever they see something exciting.

The Egyptian Mau is considered as one of the rarest breeds of felines. In fact, there were less than 200 Egyptian Maus which were registered by the Governing Council of Cat Fancy as of 2007. Meanwhile, there are less than 7000 cats of this breed which was registered by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. [3]


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