Cat Breeds 101: Cheetoh

Cat Breeds 101- Cheetoh
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The Cheetoh is considered to be one of the newest breeds of cat introduced into the world of felines. It was discovered by Carol Drymon in 2001, and it took three years before the breed was recognized by the United Feline Organization. The breed utilizes two bloodlines of felines, the Ocicat and the Bengal.

Male cheetohs are usually larger than their female counterpart. The breed comes in a variety of colors which include brown marbled, brown spotted, snow, blue marbled, silver spotted, and cinnamon spotted. In addition to its thick and short fur, the breed has large ears and eyes, which help in enhancing its wild look. [1]

Though most of its attributes resemble those of its origin, the cheetoh also has some unique characteristics that set it apart from the others. One of the attributes that distinguishes the cheetoh from other breeds is its sleek and shiny coat. Also, male cheetohs have shown maternal characteristics towards the younger cats and their kittens. This behavior is only seen in the Ocicat breed, and is rarely exhibited by other breeds of felines. [2]

The cheetoh has its own set of attributes which can make it a wonderful pet to own. It is known to be super affectionate. It is capable of showing much love for its human companions. Despite their fierce appearance, cheetohs are sociable and friendly most of the time. They rarely show aloofness towards others.

With their impressive intelligence and curiosity, they are able to learn new things easily. They can exhibit an admirable sense of humor which is unlikely to be seen in other breeds. Also, many of their attributes are known to be “dog-like”.

This sweet-natured cat tends to jump into its owner’s lap often, and can be trusted with kids around. [3] In fact, they get along well with children and other animals at home. They don’t find any problem in living with a noisy family.

The Cheetoh breed is also known to have incredible energy, which they use in entertaining themselves and their human companions. They also do well in places with large spaces, as well as the outdoors. [4] Cheetohs are often muscular, athletic, and move gracefully. Research shows that this breed don’t do so well on their own, so to owners who have plans of living their cats behind for a period of time, get your cat a partner.

Though relatively new in the feline world, researchers have already discovered a lot of desirable characteristics about the Cheetoh. Want to know more about them? Check out the video below.



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