Cat Breeds 101: Chausie

Cat Breeds 101 - Chausie
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Photo: Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

The Chausie (pronounced as chow-see) is a breed of cat which was developed by breeding a few jungle cats to a far greater number of domestic cats. The first hybrids of the jungle cat and the domestic cat may have been born in Egypt several thousand years ago but the Chausie breed did not truly begin until the 1990’s, when a dedicated group of breeders developed breeding standards. [1]

Chausies are highly intelligent, active and athletic cats. They seem to be constantly in motion while interacting with their humans. These cats have a playful demeanor which often lasts into adulthood making them amazing companions.

Sociable by nature, Chausies love to play fetch and can be trained to walk on a leash. [2] They do not like to be alone and need to have other cats as companions or have human company most of the time. Due to their intelligence, Chausies need a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy.

Chausies were bred to retain the appearance of jungle cats. A Chausie is short-haired, medium to large cat that has a tall and long body. The cheekbones are long and angular that are balanced out by the long muzzle. The ears are long, large and set at a slightly outward angle on the top of the head. Sometimes the top of the ears have tuffs which enhances the Chausie’s cougar appearance. The breed has three color patterns: brown-ticked tabby, solid black and grizzled tabby. [3]

Because the breed is still relatively new, Chausies are still frequently born with a variety of other colors and patterns. However, only the three official colors are considered ideal and can be entered in the new breed classes at cat shows. [1]

To groom a Chausie, brush the cat weekly to ensure that the fur retains its usual gloss and smoothness. The teeth should also be brushed from time to time and the ears should be regularly checked for possible mite infection. Routine checkups from the vet are required. Some Chausies can be gluten intolerant and can suffer from frequent digestive tract problems if the owner is not careful in feeding them. [4]


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