Cat Breeds 101: Foldex

Cat Breeds 101: Foldex
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The Foldex is a cat breed which first appeared around 1992 in Quebec, Canada as an experimental breed. The Foldex breed was achieved by crossbreeding Exotic Shorthairs and Longhairs with Scottish Folds. It resulted to a new Persian type breed with folded ears. Since its appearance, there has been a continuous controversy related to the skeletal defects of this breed. It is a genetic defect that is directly traced to the Scottish Fold. [1]

In 1993, the breed was introduced for the first time in a show hosted by Betty Ann Yaxley. The breed was a hit and instantly caught the attention of many breeders who planned to work for the promotion and development of the breed. Gradually, Foldex cats started to appear in many shows gaining popularity and admirers, one of whom was Jeanne Barrette. Barrette was a breeder and she liked the strange new cat so much that she started working dedicatedly for the development of the breed. Through her efforts and relentless perseverance, the Foldex managed to be recognized as an ‘Experimental Breed’ in 1998. [2]

The Foldex has a shorter nose than a Scottish Fold but not as short as an Exotic Shorthair. The eyes are round and wide open. The head is also round when viewed from every angle. The ears are small with rounded tips and have a single fold which causes them to point forward in a downward direction. The body of a Foldex is massive with good bone structure and a short neck. [3] Weighing between five to eight pounds, the Foldex can have a short or long coat that is dense and soft. This breed comes in all colors and patterns. [1]

Foldex cats have a very sweet and affectionate temperament and are normally quiet. They are cheerful, curious and will roam around with their owners just because they love to be patted and cuddled. They are also playful and easy-going making them great pets for families that have children. [2]

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