Cat Breeds 101: German Rex

Cat Breeds 101 - German Rex
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Photo: Wikipedia – lic. under CC 3.0

The German Rex is a medium-sized domestic cat having some resemblance to the popular Cornish Rex. They can be distinguished by their round head, large ears, watchful eyes and slender legs. Due to the fine boning on the German Rex, they may look dainty – but these cats are actually athletic and not at all fragile. A significant characteristic of these cats is their short, curly and silky coat that has short awn hairs, which are thicker than the undercoat. [1]

The history of this breed can be traced to Germany in the mid-1940’s. However, it was not taken seriously by most breeders until 1951, following the discovery of the Cornish Rex cat in 1950. According to experts, the first German Rex was a female, feral, black-colored cat discovered shortly after the end of World War II. Dr. Rose Scheuer-Karpin rescued the cat after she saw her wandering the gardens of the Hufeland Hospital amongst the ruins of East Berlin. She later named the cat Lammchen. The cat possessed the same wavy-haired gene that is prevalent in Cornish Rex cats and she produced many litters over the years. In 1957, Lammchen was crossed with one of her children and the first litter of German Rex Kittens appeared as a result of this mating. As the years passed, more German Rex Cats made an appearance. [2]

These cats have a pleasant and outgoing personality that helps brighten any dull moment. They are sociable and can easily mingle with everyone including children and other household pets. Even though they are energetic and active, German Rex Cats are known to be very patient. They show extreme loyalty and enjoy their owner’s company. They like being cuddled and caressed. [1]

These cats live to love. Owners of this breed can expect their cat to show a lot of affection towards them. They love to play so much that they will often wake their owner up at the start of each day for playtime. German Rex Cats develop habits and routines and can also be trained because they are highly intelligent. [3]

German Rex Cats need occasional grooming to keep their coat healthy and shiny. Their coat can become greasy thus they should be bathed more often than other breeds. [1]


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